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Flacem-Universal Filter Faucet

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A faucet every household needs

It’s not fun washing your face or dishes on a horizontal stream but our faucet can change that! Flacem gives a controlled, convenient and clear stream of water to any sink it put it on.

Flacem rotates at 720º to make washing easy what’s more, it entices the water with oxygen, making the stream soft and foamy, perfect for washing your skin or different dishes.

To make things safer, Flacem filters the water thought 4 different layers, making the tap water not only softer but sweeter. Improve your quality of life tenfold with one simple tool!

Why Flacem is for you

Washing without splashing- Flacem lets out an oxygen-enriched foamy stream, creating a gentler way of drinking and washing your face.

Makes it drinkable- The four-layered filtration prevents impurities from coming through, making the tap water safe for consumption.

Control the stream- The agile head rotates in 720º giving you ultimate control over the direction of the stream so you can wash under a convenient angle.

Flacem is the ultimate choice- Upgrade the tap water’s quality and achieve total control over its direction all with one household essential!

Multiple Sizes & Types: We offer a variety of styles to match your varied needs. Besides different spout reach for the faucets, we also offer different designs for faucet body and handle. Check out our product page! You will find the one that suits your needs the best.


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