Pressure Blast- Portable Sand Blaster

Pressure Blast- Portable Sand Blaster

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Blast Away The Grimiest Stains With Ease

Restore even the dirtiest of surfaces black to clean and spotless with Pressure Blast- Simply the smarter way to clean.

Super easy to hook up to any pressure in no time. Simply place it onto your pressure washer and just like that you're all set.

High P20 pressure for better results in half the time. Allowing you to blast away even the grimiest of grime and dirtiest of dirt in record-breaking time.

 Works well on any surface on any occasion. Whether that's cleaning off the deck, driveway, your wheels or even your grill we've got you covered.

If you're looking for better results with less hassle then this is the product for you. Works well on any surface, high power and best of all...Cleans anything spotless.


Easy To Set-Up- In no time. Hooks up in just seconds and super simple and easy for any beginner to use.

Wide Compatibility-Can clean off dirty wheels, grill grates, deck, and even your windows. Works well on any surface.

High Pressure- Allowing you to blast away dirt and grime almost instantly!!. Leaving the surface clean and back to brand new.


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