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WellnessGears™ - Intelligent Premium Neck Massager

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Tired of Neck, shoulder and head pain? Try WellnessGears™ Intelligent Premium Neck Massager, your Neck Will Thank You For This

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Neck pain occurs when the neck muscles are strained due to improper sleeping positions or poor postures at work are some reasons that induce pain in such areas.

If you are working at your computer or using gadgets for long hours, you are sure to develop neck pain.



 Recovery of muscle soreness - massaging on sore areas of the body encourages increased blood flow and oxygen which helps soothing pain and reduces inflammation.

Helps reduce migraines - reduces headache

Reduces stress and anxiety - Not only your neck will benefit from NeckRelieve Massager but your mood will elevate too

Not just neck - Back-pain, lower-back-pain no worries we got you covered 


PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Say goodbye to bulky massager. This cordless neck massager weighs only 0.35 lb and has 450 mA built-in battery. USB charging for 1 hour and works for 10 days (30 minutes a day). You can use it whenever and wherever, at home, office, airplane, car, etc


The WellnessGears™ Massager was built to reinvent the massage experience, giving everyone the ability to relieve themselves from stress etc. Featuring our lightweight durable ergonomic design you can take the comfort of relaxation on-the-go


Easy to use remote operation: 

Hold power button for 3 seconds to start. Choose between 3 massage modes and 15 intensity adjustments:

  • Daily mode: Effectively relieve muscle tension and improve inflammation and edema of muscle tissue. Suitable for daily neck massage.
  • Deep tissue mode: Effectively relieve muscle spasm and relieve pain symptoms. Suitable for stiff neck and neck injuries.
  • Vitality mode: This mode is effective for chronic cervical spine strain.



It is forbidden to be used by pregnant women, patients with cardiac pacemaker or suffering the malignant tumor and so on.

Shipping info

Package Included: 
1* Neck Massager(Main Unit) 
1* USB Cable 
1* Remote Controller(Battery is Included) 
2* Electrode Patches 
1* Electrode Wire

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